Corcoran School of Art
Washington, D. C

    Biography of the Artist
                                          Jack L. Dennis

Jack L. Dennis was born in Washington, D.C in 1946. Upon completion of high school, he
attended the Corcoran School of Art from 1965-1969. At Corcoran, he studied painting
under the direction of Edmond Archer, a respected American portrait artist from Richmond,
Virginia. While a student, Jack actively participated in a research group that worked to
revive the lost recipe of the Maroger  ( mar-a-jay ) medium; a wax base oil painting medium
used centuries ago by the Flemish and Old Masters. Due to the diligent work of this group
and others, this medium is now widely available for use by artists around the world.  During
his studies at the Corcoran, Jack also sold numerous works of his art through local art
exhibitions. In 1971, he moved to Charles County, Maryland where he currently resides.

Jack’s early work was highly detailed and consisted mainly of still life subjects. Under the
tutorage of Edmond Archer, he accepted pastel as his medium of first choice. As his art
matured over time, it began to take on a more impressionistic style and he began to
experiment with the addition of watercolor to compliment the soft pastel. Not only did his
methods of painting change over time, his subjects began to change as well. His early
training in portrait painting at Corcoran began to emerge once again and he has recently
completed several portraits. Landscapes, classic cars and aviation subjects began to
appear in Jack’s latest portfolio as well.

Most recently, Jack has focused his attention on the Amish community in Southern
Maryland, and has produced a number of works on this subject; several of which have been
shown in various juried and member shows at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center and the
Charles County Government Center in LaPlata, Maryland.

Jack is currently a member of the Mattawoman Creek Art Association and the Charles
County Arts Alliance. Much of his work is found in private collections throughout the
Prints of Jack's work are available throughout the year at the
Mattawoman Creek Art Center gift shop
or email