Below are some examples of the use of the Maroger   ( mar-a-jay ) medium; a wax and varnish  based  formula used by the  Old Master
painters, such as Rubens,  Titian, and Van Dyck.  This centuries old formula had been lost until the 1920's when Jacques Maroger , curator
of the Louvre Gallery attempted to recover the lost formula. While at the Corcoran, I took part in a research group to help finish the work of
perfecting this incredible medium. At one point we met with the wife of Jacques Maroger  who was residing in Baltimore, Md. . I still have the
handwritten formula for making the medium and will be happy to share it with anyone who wants it. Keep in mind, however, the process is
meticulous and painstakingly long and the medium can now be purchased at most   art supply stores .If you look closely at these paintings
you may be able to see the layers of color buildup  and the translucent  appearance. These paintings were done over forty years ago, while  
a student, yet they retain the same fresh appearance as the day they were completed.  If you would like to know more about the Maroger
medium, visit this website: