As long as I can remember, I have always felt the need to create. As a child I was fascinated with Disney characters
and constructed  my own animation tablets. As a teen, I began to study art history and was fascinated with such
artists as Michelangelo and DaVinci. In art school I became intrigued with the art of the great Masters.

At the Corcoran School of Art  I studied under the direction of American painter, Edmond  Archer. Our subjects
included  live models as well as various still life subjects. This is where I was  introduced to the use of pastel as
another form of medium. Gradually, I began using pastel as my primary medium and more recently, the addition of
watercolor as well. At this time, I am  experimenting with panels as opposed to paper and have began to develop my
own medium for fixatives and surface preps.  

In art school, much emphasis was placed on accuracy in drawing, as it should be. Most of my work at that time
appeared  almost  photographic in nature. As a youngster, it was important to me to include every detail of the
subject. As my art  matured, I found myself moving more impressionist in style. If you study some of my Amish
paintings you will not find eyelashes or fingernails or each leaf  on a tree. My goal is create a mood, or a memory; not
a photograph. Of course the exception are my classic car and aviation subjects which do demand great detail.

As a child growing up in the "projects" of Washington, DC, I  have great memories of adventure, creative play and
exploration and of course, the music! . Many of my paintings reflect those memories; whether it be in the form of the
landmarks, the classic cars we all remember or the childhood play we still see today in the surrounding Amish

We live  a hurried life. We are pushed and we are pressured. We have fast food, instant breakfast and
"convenience" stores. We watch one tv show, while recording another. We never have enough hours in a
day.  "Baby-boomers" such as myself, remember those carefree  days of the 50's and 60's and wish our own
children and grandchildren could experience such an era.  I suppose that's where my art attempts to a
place of  simpler times.    ENJOY !